ComX Design is a specialized web and mobile application development company delivering Xamarin Mobile application development and amazing mobility services of any level of complexity and customization to clients all around the globe.

Xamarin Development

ComX Design delivers cost effective hybrid and native applications with this most robust and easy to use development tool known as Xamarin.

It is a framework that uses C# for building native apps for all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, all with a common and single code base. We use this latest standard tool for enterprise mobile development and our highly motivated and experienced developers leverage the Xamarin tool to design, code, integrate and test applications. Certain advantages that Xamarin offers for development of applications include:

Reuse of your existing .NET libraries that you already developed.

It allows cross platform compatibility thus saving on the money and great return on investment.

Creating native apps with specific device experiences

Visual Studio – Xamarin Studio

Therefore, we use Xamarin to develop applications for different OS simultaneously, thus saving costs and time. Our experienced team at ComX Design creates applications making use of the Xamarin development service according to the specific needs of clients in an efficient and fast manner.

We produce best cross platform compatible applications using the Xamarin
platform and deliver amazing performance. Because of Xamarin’s excellent and comprehensive feature set, it allows the application developers who want to make use of modern language and platform to develop mobile applications that are cross-platform.

Professional User Interface

Our Xamarin Experience

  • Apps developed with native UI controls
  • Cross-platform compatible apps
  • Development of iOS apps
  • Development of Windows apps
  • Developing apps using C#, C and Java
  • Cross platform support for mobile Applications
  • Enhanced web services, themes and UI controls
  • Code sharing
  • Using native features along with .NET class libraries
  • Applications for multiple operating systems


Utilize Xamarin App Development amazing capacities to reduce the time and expense of creating high-performing applications.


With Xamarin, your current C# developers can construct local applications for any stage on the very first moment which would dispose of the specific expertise for specific platform.

Move to a better way to build, test and monitor apps with Xamarin.

Xamarin represents the new standards of mobile app development and is a great way to save on development and maintenance costs.

If you are Interested in hiring one of our Xamarin expert for your next mobile apps project?


Master all accessible devices and stage to implement the product which your client wants.